GuestHouse Backpacker Accommodation Monthly budget accommodations in Tokyo, Japan at Tatami Guesthouse

  How to reserve a room
1. Select room
Please refer to the reservations form to see room details.
2. Reserve
Select a room type and click reserve. Fill out the reservation form, then click submit.
3. Confirm
We will then send you a confirmation. Please check your reservation and return to us immediately for its correctness.
4. Print map
Be sure to printout the map from the airport to the guesthouse. (See Hibari House map)

  Checking-in to the guesthouse
1. Checking-in
Please, specify your arrival time. (Note: up to about two hours and half will be expected from the airport).
2. Pay
The rent and deposit (for monthly stay only) is due in cash on the first date of your arrival or the next day at the latest (an ATM is available nearby). Your monthly rent after the first month is due on the same date every month of your first arrival date.

*Your deposit will be used first to cover the cost of any damage made by you during your stay.

  Living in the guesthouse
1. Notice
We will cancel your stay and you must leave the house in case
    You use a room for other purposes (e.g. office, meeting place, entertainment)
    You are an illegal entrant
    You have committed an unlawful act
    You bring in pets / animals
    You disturb other guests or neighbours
    You will not comply with the house rules
*You are required to show your passport and visa, and allow us to make a photocopy of them.

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