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  Freqently Asked Questions
Q How can I make a reservation?
Q How much do you charge for a cancellation?
Q Can I check-in before or after 17:00-23:00?
Q What is the deposit?
Q When is payment due?
Q Do I have to pay the water,and electricity expenses?
Q What identification is required?
Q Do I have a curfew?
Q Are meals included?
Q Can 3 people share a twin room?

Q. How can I make a reservation?
A. Please refer to the reservations page to see room details. Select a room type and click reserve. Fill out the reservation form, then click submit. We will then send you a confirmation email. Please check the reservation details, and respond immediately if there is a mistake. For more information on how to reserve a room please refer to the information page.
Q. How much do you charge for a cancellation?
A. Guests who cancel the day of the reservation must pay for the entire reservation. If you cancel the day prior you must pay 50% of the stay. If you cancel a week prior, you do not have to pay for the stay. Please contact the office from 11:00 to 20:00 Japan Time (GMT+9).
Q. Can I check-in before or after 17:00-23:00?
A. Our check-in hours are from 17:00 to 23:00. If you are to arrive before or after, please let us know in the reservation form. We will leave a room key for you at the counter of the office window.
Q. What is the deposit?
A. The deposit fee, which you are required to pay in advance when you check-in, is 10,000 yen. The deposit will cover the cost of any damages made by you to your room and/or to our other facilities. These charges will be calculated at the time you check-out and the remainder will be refunded accordingly.
Q. When is payment due?
A. You must pay your first month’s room fee with 10,000 yen one-time deposit when you check-in. If you are staying for more than a month, the room fee for the next month is due exactly one month after the first day of your arrival. If leaving earlier than your expected length of stay, please let us know in advance and charges will be calculated accordingly.
Q. Do I have to pay the water, and electricity expenses?
A. Utilities are included in the room fee. AC/heaters (in each room), showers, laundry machines, and dryers are coin-operated.
Q. What identification is required?
A. When you pay your first month’s rent and 10,000 one-time deposit, you will need to have your passport and visa photocopied by us as proof of your eligibility to stay in Japan
Q. Do I have a curfew?
A. No, there is no curfew. You can come and go as you want but be sure not to disturb other residents.
Q. Are meals included?
A. No, we do not provide a meal service. There are 24-hour open convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants near our guesthouse.
Q. Can 3 people share a twin room?
A. Yes. Then, the third person will be charged half the listed rate.

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